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1-StateParks-COVER.indd “Missouri State Parks and Historic Sites: Exploring Our Legacy,” is an updated comprehensive guide to each of Missouri’s State Parks unique opportunities to enjoy the State’s outdoor spaces.

Susan Flader, Ph.D., talks to Don Corrigan about the new State Parks added to the book, the 100th Anniversary of the parks system, and several surprising facts and issues surrounding Missouri’s State Parks.

To find out more, or to hear the interview CLICK HERE.

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W_Hannibal17Jim Kramper, the Warning Coordination Meteorologist for the National Weather Service in St. Louis, talks with Don Corrigan about what a day in the life of a weather warning coordinator is like, weather safety, weather pattern myths, and what can be learned from Missouri’s past severe weather events.

To hear the podcast interview CLICK HERE.

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St. Louis faces issues right now, like Westlake Landfill, which deserves a little outrage from Missourians. My new column is out in the West End Word!

“By far, my favorite era of media history is the Age of Muckraking, when writers like Ida Tarbell, Upton Sinclair and Lincoln Steffens took on monopoly oil companies, noxious meat packers and gouging public utilities. Missouri could use some angry muckrakers to express a little outrage right now.”

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