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St. Louis area landfills continue to grow. Families that switch from disposable to cloth baby diapers could make a big difference in the growth of our landfill mountains. That’s because right now, disposable diapers rank as the third largest consumer item in our  growing landfills.

Sustainable lifestyles can also cut down on refuse and make for a healthier planet. To learn more about sustainable living, you might want to attend the Webster University 2013 Sustainable Living Conference on April 12-13. For more information, go to: www.webster.edu/sustainability2013/

Question of the Day: Landfills have become major landmarks in the St. Louis area. Do you have a favorite landfill in Metro St. Louis.

Feel free to comment if we have missed a landfill that is your favorite. Or, if you want to campaign for the landfill that you think is the best one in the Bi-State.

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