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Rick Santorum won Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado on Feb. 7 and has been blasting his opponents in the presidential primary race for once embracing the science of global warming. Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, the triumphant Santorum said, “bought into the science of man-made global warming, and they bought into the remedy, both of which are bogus.”
So, do you believe Rick Santorum and his radio talk-show ally Rush Limbaugh when they trash the scientific experts on the issue of global warming. Or, do you believe that scientific agencies are more trustworthy on the climate change issue than a radio pundit and a politician?
For example, do you believe:

Click on these organization names to find out more. Are these organizations devoted to science now to be labeled bogus? Who is really bogus on global warming?

Do you think it is time for the news media to give more weight to scientific organizations in stories on global warming? Or should the news media “balance” stories with quotes from climate change deniers who run for political office or do radio talk shows? Comment below.
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