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Ahhhh, Family Fun Times!

Did you argue with Uncle Ray, Cousin Craig or Aunt Cathy over issues like global warming during the holidays?

— Did your uncle say MIT Scientists just push the global warming “myth” because they get grant money for their climate studies?

— Did your cousin say say global warming is an elaborate hoax, because Rush Limbaugh says so?

— Did your aunt say all that CO2 in the atmosphere is good for the plants, because Rush Limbaugh says so?

In the COMMENTS section below, please tell us about your experiences this year arguing with relatives about issues like global warming!

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More than 20 parks are slated to be closed under a budget-cutting plan by the St. Louis County Executive. Tell us why county parks are important to you or your family. Vote in our poll (please comment, after voting)

Stay fired up to save the dwindling park and green space in St. Louis County. For more information about losing our area green spaces, go to:


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