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Don Corrigan’s “Show Me… Nature’s Wrath” presentations are especially useful for Boy Scouts seeking their Weather Merit Badges. He has tailored his talks, upon request, especially for the requirements of Weather Merit Badges. Even his general presentations on wild Missouri weather cover areas that Scouts should know.

Among the Weather Merit Badge topics covered:

• Scouts must be able to identify five dangerous weather-related conditions. “Nature’s Wrath” covers hail, lightning, tornadoes, ice storms, blizzards, flash floods, heat waves and more…

• Scouts need to know the difference between weather and climate, between the work of a meteorologist and a climatologist. Don has it covered.

• What’s a high pressure system and a low pressure system? In his presentation, Don shows satellite photos of weather fronts and low pressure systems that wreaked havoc on Missouri.

• What is acid rain, ozone depletion and CO2 pollution? Do they interact with the weather? These topics can be covered in wrath presentations.

• For the merit badge, Scouts are required to give 5-minute talks on the weather. Don can show them how it is done with his presentations on “Show Me…Nature’s Wrath.”

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Are you getting into arguments with climate change deniers? Here is a TOP TEN LIST of things to say to ranting climate change deniers:

10) Sorry. Environmentalist Al Gore was exonerated regarding those charges he is a “crazed sex poodle.” Another inconvenient truth.

9) Sorry. “Climategate” has turned out to be another non-story pushed by FOX and the right wing media… the scientists’ data were not fudged.

8) Who do you really want to believe on global warming? A NASA scientist named Hansen, or a talk-radio hack named El Rushbo?

7) Global warming doesn’t make the Earth uniformly warm. If it shuts down the Gulf Stream, Europe will freeze. No grill, lots of chill!

6) Ooops! Did I just see a chunk of ice three times the size of Manhattan fall off of Greenland?

5) Whoops! Ocean levels will now rise this century in feet, rather than inches, scientists say. So long Daytona Beach!

4) Show me a Senator who denies climate change, and I’ll show you a Senator who believes the Earth was created in Six Biblical Days.

3) Climate scientists say St. Louis and Missouri will get much wetter, not necessarily hotter, because of global warming. Start building an Ark.

2) March, April, May, June & July 2010 are the hottest in the U.S. since record-keeping began in 1880. Must just be a spell — for a decade now.

1) OK. If you insist global warming is a hoax, isn’t it still a good idea to stop belching 5 tons of carbon pollution into the atmosphere for every man, woman and child?


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Missouri is the “Show-Me Sinkholes State.” The St. Louis area is  dotted with sinkholes. Do you have a sinkhole story? Ever visit the sinkhole fields near Columbia, Florissant or Jefferson Barracks? Has a sinkhole ever opened up in your backyard?
Please post your story below.

Sinkholes and creeks locally and statewide have been found to be contaminated with dangerous E. coli levels. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) seems to be posting areas as risky to health because of these levels almost weekly.

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