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Yet Another Casino?

The St. Louis County Council recently voted to rezone land adjacent to the Columbia Bottom Conservation Area at the Confluence to make way for a massive casino development.
The proposed development would destroy farmland and raise the level of nearly 400 acres of the current floodplain by 30 feet to accommodate a large casino, 8,000 parking spaces, and a golf course.
Missouri Coalition for the Environment says this development will introduce hundreds of thousands of gallons of runoff polluted with motor oil, fertilizers, and pesticides to sensitive wetland habitat and to the rivers.

Please post a comment:

How do you feel about the development? How do you feel about the vote cast by
your representative at the County Council? The Council Members who voted for the casino
rezoning were:

Michael O’Mara from North County Dist. 4
Hazel Erby from District 1
Steven Stenger from South County Dist. 6
Kathleen Burkett from District 2.
Colleen Wassinger, from Dist. 3, was absent.

Gregory Quinn, Dist. 7 and Barbara Fraser, Dist. 5 voted against the rezoning.

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