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The River Des Peres Watershed Coalition in the St. Louis area would not be the same without the active participation of these two dynamos. Their ambition is to save the River Des Peres in St. Louis from further degradation and to turn the area along its banks into a fine natural and recreational resource.

Danelle Haake says, “The River Des Peres and its tributary streams compose one of the few remaining bits of urban lanscape that connect us all… in the St. Louis area.”

Cindy Duhigg says, “If we can revitalize the river, I feel we can bring back our whole city and be proud… I think we can make it aesthetically pleasing as a greenway and recreation area. Other cities have done it. Why not us?”

For more information on the River Des Peres Watershed Coalition, visit their website: www.thegreencenter.org/rdp/

Cindy Duhigg, Danelle Haake, and Howard Webb of the Coalition were interviewed and photographed by Don Corrigan and Diana Linsley of the Times for their April 18, 2008 edition. Those articles and images may be found by visiting the Webster-Kirkwood Times and South County Times (note: different images are available for the two different articles).

What do you think? Do you think that the River Des Peres has the potential to be a great St. Louis greenway and recreational site? Feel free to share your comments.

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